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Online marketplace where we provide a safe and secure environment for our users who wants to buy or sell domain name. While we provide a free place for users to check out and buy domains, sellers also use the free platform to post their domains for sale at the price of their choosing.

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How to buy and sell domains online

Guide For Flippers to Sell Domains ?

There are various steps involved to get a listed domain on our website. You need to follow below mentioned steps for sale your domains.

  1. First of all the sellers or buyer will have to register on the site with valid emails account.
  2. Then Login with account username and password.
  3. The seller will list the domain on the website with all the details like domain name, domain age and minimum price of the domains etc.
  4. The buyer will come on the site and bid for the listed domain.
  5. The buyer whose price will be according to seller expectations can ask for contact details of the seller.
  6. Than the seller and buyer will negotiate and finalize the price according to their likes.
  7. After the final words the domain will get sold to the buyer at the price quoted by seller to buyer.
  8. Than the transaction will get completed and domain will be unlisted from the website.

How to Buy Domain or Domain Flipping Online ?

  1. Check out the various postings that have been posted for the domain name that match  your requirements. Searching on our platform is really easy.
  2. Select a few domains and contact the owner or sellers of domains.
  3. Try to negotiate and buy the domain directly from the seller.

Tips For selling a domain online?

  1. Be honest and given the authentic details about your domain.
  2. Choose a selling price which is reasonable and justifiable.
  3. Through our website people will be able to directly communicate with you, try to meet people in person and discuss further details.

We are Deals in All Types of Domains

Not all domain names follow the same formula, and while .com domains make up 46.5% of all global websites, that leaves plenty of room for other types of domain names such as .org and .net. In general, the most common types of domain names include:

TLD: Top Level Domain
A top-level domain is exactly what it looks like: a type of domain name that is at the top level of the Internet domain name system. There are many TLds available in the world, but the most preferred include .com , .org , .net and .edu extension domains.

The official TLD list is maintained by an organization called Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and can be viewed here. IANA mentions that the TLD list also includes ccTLD and gTLD

ccTLD: Top-Level Country Code Domains
The ccTLDs use only two letters and are based on international country codes, such as .us for the United States and .jp for Japan. They are often used by companies that are creating dedicated sites for specific regions, and can be a good way to point users who have reached the right place.

gTLD: Generic Top Level Domain
A gTLD is essentially a TLD that does not depend on a country code. Many gTLDs are intended for a specific use case, such as .edu , intended for educational institutions. It is not necessary that you meet any specific criteria to register a gTLD, which is why .com is not used exclusively for commercial purposes.

Other examples of gTLD include .mil (military), .gov (government), .org (for nonprofit organizations and various institutions) and .net, which was originally designed for Internet service providers (ISPs) but now it is used more widely.

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