Buy and sell website online

Whether you are an individual or a business, thinking of buying or selling a website? You are at the right place. At marketplace, you can browse thousands of websites for a given niche and to buy the website you like, you can contact the website owner directly without any intermediate.

Similarly, if you are a seller, you can put up your website for sale on our platform, that too, free of cost. you can also check our other services like buy and sell domains.

How to buying a website / What to do when buying a website online?

  • Conduct a search input the business type or keywords that might explain the type of website you want.
  • Check out the various entries that have been published for the website or business type that fits your requirements.
  • Make sure you go through every entry in the listing.
  • Select a few websites and contact the sellers.
  • Try to negotiate, and buy the website directly from the seller.

How to selling a website online? / What to do when selling a website online?

While creating an entry make sure you clearly notify:

  • The type of business you are running through the website.
  • The total income or the turnover the website makes for you.
  • The price you are expecting from the website’s sale.
  • How early you would be able to hand over the website with proper documentation.
  • Provide your working contact number, email or any other way of contacting you.

In Other Words How Does Our website Buying and Selling Service Working?

The web flipper marketplace is one of the best place for buy and sell websites free of cost for everyone, without any charges users can list on marketplace or buying and selling websites.

There are various steps involved to get a website from us. You need to follow those steps and you can be done with the buying and selling of the website.

  • First of all the sellers or buyer will have to register with the web flippers member account.
  • Second Login with account username and password.
  • Third add a listing of selling product on our website free marketplace .
  • Fourth user will have to fill all the important information on your website like how old it is, hosting services, the number of pages on the website etc.
  • Fifth seller will have to provide his contact details such as Skype id, Email id so that buyer can interact with him directly.
  • Sixth the interested user who is buying the website will come and interact with the seller on his given contact details.
  • Then all the negotiations will be carried out between seller and buyer.
  • After the negotiations and finalizing the selling price they will discuss how the payment will work out.
  • After the payments seller will transfer all the website details to the buyer and the transaction will be carried out.
  • Our site will act as a medium to connect buyers and sellers and rest all will be carried out by the two parties involved.

We are Deals in All Types of Websites

We can find many different classifications while surfing the net. It is really difficult to name of all the categories of the website, but these are some of the most prominent types of websites:

Institutional or corporate: They are made by a company or entity in order to meet you through the network. In the case of companies, it serves to promote your business.

E-commerce: These are the virtual places that have been created to buy and sell online. Currently, Amazon is one of the best known.

Blogs: These are the web spaces where content is being presented to the user by the writer. A user writes interesting posts to share with the online world. Moreover they have forums where the users also exchange their views.

Directories: Information is entered and structured by categories or subcategories. We can find directories of companies, blogs and various types of websites.

Virtual communities: These are places where people with the same concerns and interests can get in touch through chats or forums. We can take an example of social networking websites such as facebook, instagram.

There are no charges collected by us from buyer or sellers for our free platform, This is one of the main advantage of our website selling services.