Terms and conditions for buy and sell domains and websites

We are The Web Flippers. Read this agreement before you access the buy and sell domains and websites services of thewebflippers.com. These terms are legal contracts and will contain the provisions and the rules to buy and sell the products from this marketplace. Review this agreement carefully to know the use of this website. If you cannot abide the terms of the agreement of the website, you can simply avoid the use of this website. if you accept the terms of the agreement you can use the website and the platform to buy and sell websites, domains and apps.

1) The Web Flipper Platform

-The website is an online platform where users can be a buyer or seller.
-Buyer is a user who will list his website on this marketplace to the other users of the marketplace.
-Seller is a user who will interact with the buyer for buying their services.
-All the communication on the website will be between the buyer and seller through our platform directly. There is no role of webflipper.com in the conversation between the users. We are only a listing platform where buyers can list their business to sell. 

Seller will list all the “Assets” of his business which are:

  • All the information related to the product: age, contents, platform etc.
  • All the information related to business and its services.
  • Assets will include the domain names associated with the services.
  • They will also mention all the subscription based plugins and licensed themes associated with the business.

2) Registration with The Web Flippers

To use the service of The Web Flippers you need to be a registered user on the website. Register on the website and you need to accept this terms of agreement to use the website. The users are responsible for the confidentiality of their username and password. If your account is accessed by someone else or your account is being trespassed by some other person you are responsible for that, you can write to web flippers.

The Web Flippers will contact you on your registered  email id for the verification of your account if working on that time and you are re-verify your email after that you are eligible to use our services.

3) Term of the Agreement

The agreement will be valid from the day you create your account with The Web Flippers and is valid till your account is closed by you or is terminated by our website for practising unfair policies. If you reactivate your account, you are again bound to accept the terms of this agreement.

4) The Web Flipper Payments Methods

The Web Flipper platform does not provide any payment options to the users. It is just a marketplace website where you interact with the potential buyer. You will do all the negotiations on the website and then discuss the payment option with the buyer. The buyer and seller can negotiate a common method to pay for the services with their mutual consent. There will be no roll of The Web Flippers in executing payments from the users end or buyer and seller can use escrow services for safe payments.

Our website will not be responsible for any miss happening due to transactions or monetary transaction carried out between the  buyer and seller. So be careful and verify all the details by yourself before proceeding to pay the seller.

5) The Web Flipper Fees

The website is a just a free auction marketplace for buyers and sellers. As of now our marketplace is free of cost service for the users. We are not charging any fees or commissions from the user to get their service enlisted and selling on our platform. 

The listing will remain active on the website till the user himself removes it from his account and you will never be charged for the services by our marketplace.

6) User Content

Whenever a user lists a service to sell, it is his sole responsibility to enter the correct details, accurate information and will be responsible to be updated with the latest upto date details about their services. 

7) Selling Price of the Service

The user can sell his services at his own discretion with setting the selling price of his own. The user can evaluate his services to sell on various parameters and then list the best price. The price will not be altered by The Web Flippers in any case and the seller will be solely responsible for the price of his business.

8) General Terms:

Users of The Web Flipper Platform are required to agree to all the terms mentioned in the agreement. Our team has a right to modify the agreement anytime.

Author: Mick