What is domain flipping and how to earn with flipping

Domain Flipping is a term used to sell the domain for profits. A person takes a domain name and hoards it for himself until he gets the good value for the domain. Many people hoard domains to sell it at profit. A domain bought for a $20 in year 2000 is now sold for millions of dollars as the internet the world has evolved. It is not an easy task as it seems as internet world has millions of domains listed. You have to be very cautious and dig in to the deep ocean to get the best domains for you. Go through this article to know about domain flipping and get the profit from this by sitting at the comforts of your home.

Tips to Buy Domain Names

Domain name market is huge and therefore millions of domains are lying unattended on the web. But to gain profit from selling and buying domains names you need to be very specific and have to give lot of time and concentration. Let’s check out some pints before buying any domain for flipping:

Narrow Focus on Particular Niche

There are millions of domains available online. First of all you will have to get into some specific niche. After that you should try out various combinations for the same niche. If you have knowledge about particular thing you can search for that and see which domain names are available for that and get the right combinations.

Know Your Budget

Whenever you want to start any business it always mandatory to know and calculate your financial limitations. As in the long run you don’t know whether you will make profit or make loss from your strategies. It’s really good if you start investing lower amount of money rather than investing a large chunk of money from your pockets. Once you get hold of the strategies of domain flipping you can increase your budget.

Find Hot Keywords:

Whenever you are looking for a domain name it is necessary to look for a domain which has keywords of higher value. You can use Google keyword planner or other tools to get the estimate of traffic the particular keyword is getting. After that try the various combinations with the keyword and you can just find a winner domain which can give you a lot of profits in a long run. You can go with generic names which have some product name or services.

Try to get Local Domains

Local Domain targeting a particular category can give you great profits while buying a domain for flipping. There are so many local businesses which don’t have a website for them. You can register a business name with local brand and when someone tries to buy it you can sale this for a great value.

Getting an Existing Domain Name:

Existing domain names are of great value when they have good Google page rank, along with lots of traffic and back links. These domains name can give you best value and you can charge a huge amount as the domain names are already having higher authority in Google.

Never Sell Too Quickly

It’s a rule whenever you invest in any funds or crypto currencies that you hold the investment for some time and let it grow organically. Once it grows to a greater value you can cash out the profit and get the best value for your domain.

What is Domain Flipping / How to Get Good Domain Names?

A good domain name has some characteristics which are explained below:

  • Length of The Domain: The length of the domains matter a lot whenever you are looking for domain name. A short domain name fetches you a more value than a long character domain name. A good domain name should be of 7 to 8 characters long.
  • Find the Brandable Names: A name which is easy to remember and can be branded later on gives you a great value when buying any domain.
  • History of Domain Names: A good domain history will give you very good results when you will go to sell the domain. A good domain history means the domain should have a great page rank, great back links and higher authority in search rankings.
  • Domain Extensions:  The most popular domain name extensions are .com, .net, .org” and .edu. Whenever you want to get a domain for flipping try to get a “.com” domain as this domain name is easily recognizable with internet users across the world.

How to Flip a Domain Name?

Flipping a domain requires a lot of effort and time and it is not as easy as buying some product online. While flipping a domain name you can use the services of the web flippers to get the views on your listed domain. But before that you should follow some steps to flip a domain which is mentioned below:

Find a Domain Name Which is Available

First of all you will need to search a domain from various domain names service providers. You can also use drop catching services to get a hold of a domain. These services help the users to get the domain for themselves when it expires. Whenever any domain expires it goes in a grace period which is known as RGP meaning Redemption Grace Period giving owner the chance to reclaim it within 90 days. When the RGP period expires domain gets listed for sale and you can get it.

A drop catching service will allow the user to bid on a particular domain and when RGP period expires domain goes to the highest bidder when domain becomes available. It does not mean that you are guaranteed the domain but you have the best chance to get a domain.

Registering a Domain Name

Once you get your domain name, it’s the time to register your domain. If you have already used Drop Catching service, the domain will get automatically register on your behalf through them. You can also register a domain through various service providers.

Finding a Potential Buyer

Next step is to get a potential buyer for your registered domain name. You can use web flipper service to list your domain on our website and let the user see what’s so special about your domain name. For this you can also create a landing page for your domain name and let the buyer see your domain listing where you can explain benefits of buying the particular domain you have listed for sale. After the landing page creation you can use the web flipper service to list the domain for sale.

Sell the Domain

Now the last step is to sell your domain. When you get a buyer after listing your domain, you can make a sale and thus your domain will get flipped and you will earn the profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Domain names can be really profitable if you do it in the correct way. First of all you have to check out the best domain to buy. Then you have to look for potential buyers for your domain and you can sell it at the profit.

Yes, the flipping of the domain is legal in all parts of the world. While buying a domain keep in check that you are not buying a domain name of a trademark entity which can land you in trouble.

No, the domain flipping is not dead yet. You can earn great if you pick the best domain. You will have to put in a thorough search before buying a domain and then reselling at an online marketplace.

Domain flipping is good still now. You can own a domain and sell it after months of keeping to yourself or you can sell instantly. Some domains can give you profit after sometime.

You can follow the below steps when buying a domain:

  • Narrow Focus on Particular Niche
  • Know Your Budget
  • Find Hot Keywords
  • Try to get Local Domains
  • Never Sell Too Quickly

Domain names can be sold for any amount. They can range from $100 to $20,000 depending upon the category of the domain. Premium domains can go even higher and you can earn upto $1,00, 000 for short domain names.

Hackers can steal your domains. As domains are listed on online marketplace, hackers may try to exploit any vulnerability in the marketplace account and can access your details and then reset the password to steal your domain.

You can create the value for your domains by making an attractive content and then monetizing it through adds. More the traffic and revenue earned, more will be the value of your domain.

You cannot buy a domain permanently. You can pay for 10 years and hold the domain for a minimum of 10 years.

The most common domain names to buy are .com, .net, .co.uk etc.